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Our first sex role play with my wife

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For many couples, sexual role play can seem intimidating and meant only for those who are comfortable with each other in the bedroom. But for me and my wife, our first sexual role play was one of the most memorable together, and surprisingly easy to pull off.

Before we decided to try sexual role playing, we talked openly and honestly about it. We discussed different ideas, our boundaries and how to do it. We found that talking about it beforehand was the key to a successful experience, and it had the added benefit of generating anticipation and excitement!

When we made the decision to experiment with sexual role play, perhaps the most rewarding thing for us to do was to choose a set of roles that didn't push us outside of our comfort zone. As beginners, we chose roles that we both knew, such as doctor and patient, teacher and rebellious student, or detective and con man. It was a great way to get started as we already had a script to work with and it helped us slowly get into the role play.

One of the biggest blessings of our first sexual role play experience was that we could always laugh at any mistakes or awkward moments. It's easy to get carried away in the heat of the moment, and it's okay if both of you can laugh afterwards. Over time, we became more confident in the use of props, costumes, and even intense dialogue that we improvised together.

By the end of it all, we really enjoyed the sexy role play. We felt so close to each other as we really explored our souls and it really opened up a new path of pleasure and companionship that we hadn't experienced before. On top of that, it was a really fun way to change up the decor and keep the bedroom fresh.

In the end, I would definitely recommend other couples to try sex role play at least once. Sure, it may seem intimidating at first, but it can open doors to an exciting new level of intimacy. If both partners are comfortable with it, you can simply discover a whole new world of sensual pleasure - just like us!